The Spirit of Elijah

I believe that we are living in days that are reminiscent of the days of Elijah.

Political turmoil, spiritual apostasy, national division–all these things are evident in our day just as they were in the day Elijah lived. Elijah was a “nobody”; a complete unknown in the spiritual scene. He appeared on the stage by giving a word from God to Israel’s wicked top level leadership and then vanished for three years. As his words began to be manifest, he became the most wanted and hunted man in Israel. I believe that the spirit of Elijah is rising again within the church of Jesus Christ. Here, let me elaborate:

The confrontation of idolatry and the entry of judgment.

As I said earlier, Elijah just seemed to “appear out of nowhere”. The first word spoken in his ministry involved the entry of judgment. He came before Israel’s representative leaders and declared that there would be an economic disaster of unprecedented proportions. After his departure from the king’s court, I’m sure everyone had a good laugh about this crazy, unknown prophet of doom. Yet, as time went along, his word became reality. I believe, just as in the days of Elijah, we are living in a time of economic judgment. I believe that we could see a short reprieve in which things appear to get better, but it will be an illusion. The people of Israel experienced economic judgment in Elijah’s day due to their turning away from God and His ways. Same thing is happening here in America and around the world–we are turning from God and experiencing judgment in our economy. If the course is not altered, the destination will not be altered. These judgments are not set in motion by God’s anger as much as by our ignorance, false pride, and rebellion. For what we are experiencing, we shouldn’t blame God because we are just eating the fruit of our decisions. God is ready to help if we are ready to repent.

I also believe that we are going to see a confrontation between God and man’s idols. Just as in the showdown on Mount Carmel in the days of Elijah, I believe we are going to see God manifest Himself in ways unprecedented. These confrontations will bring many to say, “The Lord, He is God!” But, the Jezebel spirit of witchcraft and rebellion will not give up easily and the trend toward seeing Christianity as the enemy will continue. Attacks against the church and believers will continue and a divide will occur between the church that is false and that which is truly of God. While persecution continues, so will great manifestations of God’s glory. If the enemy touches the presence of God, we will see a recurrence of what happened when the Philistines took the ark of God.  God will knock over the idols of man and manifest His presence until the unsaved get right or get rid of the Presence.

In the book of Malachi, chapter 4, verse 5, we see another aspect of the rise of the spirit of Elijah.

“See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

A breach has occurred in relationships due to our hardness or heart and rejection of God. I believe that God is calling the church to get out of its comfort zone and get involved in “reparenting” those who have been devastated by the consequences of the destruction of the home and the family. If the church doesn’t answer this call, the vacuum created in the younger generation will continue to get worse. It’s time to get up and parent an “unparented” generation. If we don’t, the curse of violence will get worse and worse.

The good news is that Elijah was the prophet of the manifestation of God and His power. The spirit of Elijah is rising in the church. Events in the world will be used by God to make His Presence known. Rise up, “Elijahs” in the church of Jesus Christ! You were created for such a time as this!

These are the days of your destiny!


6 thoughts on “The Spirit of Elijah

  1. Thank you Pastor Parkey, for your word. I believe the prophets are rising up!!! This is really cool because the knowledge in these prophecies help us to interceed in prayer for those affected. What a wonderful opportunity!!! I was thinking of that this morning about how this knowledge allows us to tap into a REAL relationship with the Author of the Universe!!!!
    I am understanding more and more about Pastor Bob’s stance on prayer and how important it is in these troubled times. Thank you for your dedication and tenacity in your teaching to us. You and Rhonda and our other pastors are an awesome team. We love you.

      1. Hang’n…right on the heart of JESUS…thank you Pastor Parkey for being real, sensitive and a wonderful example of the heart of Jesus…I am learning a lot about the heart of a Pastor…Love, Melanie Owens

  2. As a recepient of this reparenting I praise God for you all. I know through this all I will be healed emotionally and free. I have just great examples of little Christ all around me and it so awesome. Your teaching is great and Pastor Bob is such an incredible man of God to sit under and pray. We are all truly blessed in our body 🙂 I just hope I am able to pass it on …….

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