Stepping on the Enemy

The world has experienced hard times over the last couple of years. Municipalities and countries in many different places have been tottering on the brink of collapse.America has not been exempted from these difficulties. The people of the world are suffering from a lack of connection to God. Failure to connect to God causes despair. Many are able to handle that despair through some type of distraction or medication – making life manageable but not fulfilling. A simmering despair bubbles just below the surface of those who have no connection to Christ. When times become difficult, things that were “manageable” through distraction or medication boil over into full fledged anger. Then, people begin to feel “ripped off” and begin a search for the culprit. In America, we are now pointing fingers at each other – the “have nots” accusing the “haves” of stealing from them and not pulling their fair share of the load.

Many leaders in our current government are encouraging this division, while in their hypocrisy they live at the same level of those they condemn as the problem. The Bible clearly tells us that in judging others, we are condemning ourselves (Rom. 2). It is past time for us to wake up from our deception and begin to look at the only thing we truly control and begin to make the necessary changes.

What do we truly control?

Our own behavior and attitudes.

Instead of trying so hard to change others, thinking that will fix us, we should be taking a hard look at ourselves and identifying the destructive forces at work that destroy our own lives.

Does our government need to be changed?

No, our government was set up to run successfully but every system is only as good as those in it. We need to be changed so that we can see clearly the problems outside of our personal lives.

For those who have ears to hear: this is the year of change. The Spirit of God is saying that it is time to go on the offensive and take back what has been stolen. This will not occur through “Occupy” protests staged by unchanged people. This will not occur by changing leaders and electing the unchanged. Yes, violence is needed but not against flesh and blood. We must attack the real problem – our indifference toward God. Our problems have been “simmering” for a long time. They just didn’t “appear”. We’ve sown to the wind and now we are reaping a whirlwind.

We can free ourselves and our possessions if we will attack the real problem.

“But this is what the Lord says: ‘Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.'” Isaiah 49:24-25

God is ready to unleash vengeance upon that which has been stolen from you. The qualifier is your return to Him as first love. Your captives and your plunder and the salvation of your children – our children as a nation depend upon us focusing on what we have control over – our own souls. This year is not like last year or the year before – it is a new time with different outcomes!

Victory is within grasp! Now is the time, this is the place, and we are the people!

“Through our God, we shall do valiantly. It is He who will tread down our enemies.”


5 thoughts on “Stepping on the Enemy

  1. I like what you said last night. All we have to do is do His will to get the victory. Seems too good to be true!!! But I’m banking on it.
    I got an opportunity just today at work to be different.!!!! It is getting easier.

  2. Like you have said in the past, we have God Almighty as our judge and Jesus Christ as our attorney. Nothing can stand against us we have the victory! Amen!

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