Imagine the Extraordinary

A new year has arrived!!!

Don’t drag the same thought patterns and expectations into 2012 that framed 2011.

I know, you are tired of hoping and praying for things that have not come to pass. It’s easier just to give up on them. But, when you do, a part of your faith dies. Oh, you may continue to serve the Lord but you do so at a substandard level: one in which you just don’t believe in the supernatural as much as you did before.

So, what is the “life consequence” of a partially dead faith?

You resort to doing things yourself and giving lip service to your belief.

There are seasons in the spirit just as there are in the natural. Sometimes we pray “spring” prayers in “winter” season. If they don’t come to pass, we get discouraged. “Winter” will pass and “spring” will come and then, your prayer will be answered. God’s timing is perfect. Keep your faith and you will see God move.

If we cease to believe in the supernatural, we are no different than unbelievers. Think about that one!

Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time and season for all things. Seasons come and seasons go – just be sure that you don’t pass away with the season! Dare to pray the impossible! Dare to believe for the extraordinary! Dare to try for the unreachable!

God is looking for a people who can imagine things that come from another level – a supernatural one. Natural imaginations produce natural results. Supernatural imaginings produce the supernatural! Look to the throne of God and see what is happening there and ask for those things to be manifest in your experience!

2012 is the year of God’s government – His authority. Let’s bring that perspective into our prayers and our actions and see what happens in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Imagine the Extraordinary

  1. I just finished “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” by Kris Valloton. It really hit me in the gut. I am so hyped about the coming year because this thing is coming to life inside of me and in my sphere of influence.
    Thank you so much for staying current and keeping us directed toward the future and the KINGDOM. RAK CHAZAK!!!!! (I’m adopting the WAR CRY!!!)

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