Secular or Sacred

“We are no longer one nation under God. We are two separate nations with distinct and incompatible moral visions.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin, “America’s Real War”

President Barak Obama stated in his inaugural address that we are a nation with different visions for the direction of the country but that our differences are not as profound as those of the Civil War. 

A hopeful statement, but quite naive, I’m afraid.

 Since that statement, we have seen the division in our nation become more pronounced rather than decreasing as was hoped. Part of the problem is the misunderstanding of the issues separating the two sides.

In the days preceding the Civil War, most politicians saw the division between North and South as having an economic base. The Southern States believed they needed slavery to support their economy. The economy of the Northern States, being more diversified, did not.The primary fear of most politicians was the disintegration of the Union. There were others who understood that the division had more profound roots. Those roots being the belief system of a nation. The question being: Will the United States be a nation in which all men have equal freedom, as established in the Constitution? Will we return to what made our nation great or will we move beyond our foundations for the sake of economic success and an unsteady unity?

The stakes were high. For many people, a compromise with slavery meant compromising the very biblical foundations upon which our nation was built. Compromise over some things for unity was acceptable; but compromising sacred rights and responsibilities was not.

Now, back to today.

For many in this nation, we are moving beyond the foundations that have made us great. We are setting aside biblical values in the name of “freedom”, putting all our hope in a secular society to save us. Not only are we setting aside biblical values, but they are now becoming the enemy of progress! Our nation’s leaders and legal system are, in many instances doing its best to wipe out every biblical influence in government. Many media giants are supporting the cause. Many people in our nation support this cause, while others feel as if their very foundation for life is being attacked.

To think that the divide is not as severe as the differences leading up to the events of the 1860’s is naive. The divide is essentially bringing our government to a standstill, just as in the days preceding the Civil War. People are beginning to take to the streets in protest like I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

Fine talk and charisma will not solve these problems. The two incompatible beliefs are too personal – too deeply held as essential to survival and success. Thank God, at this point in time, the war is being fought at a cultural level.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says it this way, “This time the culture war, thankfully, is not a  bloody one. That makes it no less a war that will, in the end, yield a victor and a loser. The two ideas struggling for supremacy in society cannot coexist. One needs to dominate.”

Many in our nation see this as a fight for the lives and rights of people, just as they did in the days of Abraham Lincoln.

Please God, let cooler heads prevail and lead us in the pathway of truth. Pray for our nation and don’t be a bystander in this situation. Courage and conviction is needed in this hour. 

A house divided will fall. Jesus told us that. President Lincoln knew that. A house without a foundation will also fall. Jesus told us that. President Lincoln knew that. 

Help us choose a foundation built on the rock and not one that will not last the tests of our time!


2 thoughts on “Secular or Sacred

  1. How do we fix this? I have talked to so many people who are in such delusion and denial that they just bury their heads in the sand and go to work, school, etc. They cannot tell me they don’t feel the tension in the air. WHY DON’T THEY? And, is confrontation so uncomfortable that we will just wait until we are overtaken before we have an awakening?
    Then there are those people who think physical action can fix this. ie, sitting around on the courthouse square and urinating from their tents.
    I’m sorry…..I just don’t get it.
    I am fasting and praying. Not even sure what for sometimes. I am trusting God to pull down these strongholds.

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