The God of Breakthrough

In 1 Chronicles chapter 14, verses 8-17, we read about a battle between David, king of Israel and the Philistines. While reading this story, I noticed some interesting things that I would like to point out. Hopefully these will mean as much to you as they have to me.

1. A new level of anointing brings a new level of attack.

When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed at a new level – he was now king of Israel, they gathered their full force and set out in search of him. We all pray for advancement and there is nothing wrong with that. But, remember, a new level of anointing will eventually bring a new level of attack. I have a friend who says it this way: new level – new devil! Don’t be discouraged by an impending attack. It simply means you are operating at a level that is threatening to the enemy!

2. The enemy often attacks in an area you thought was safe.

The Philistines attacked David by raiding in the valley of Rephaim. The word “Rephaim” is a word that means “giants” but its root word is “rapha” which, in Hebrew means “heal”. The giants had at one time lived in this valley but the Israelis had driven them out. The valley went from a valley inhabited by enemy giants to a place that represented healing and redemption to the Israelis. Your enemy often raids in an area that you thought was healed and redeemed and free from war. While this can be a very discouraging attack, don’t give up! This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. The enemy doesn’t fight fair so show no mercy! Meet him wherever he brings the attack and bring devastation to him!

3. The strategy that won the victory one time may not be the strategy for this time.

David won the first victory over the Philistines by going straight at them. When the Philistines came again to the same valley David had defeated them before, God gave a different strategy for victory. Don’t be hard headed or inflexible! Don’t put God in your box! Allow Him to determine the mode of victory for each situation! If He divinely healed you before but now, chooses to use a doctor, that’s okay! His strategy will bring you victory, whatever it may be!

4. Don’t leave your god behind!

The first time David defeated the Philistines they abandoned their gods and David desecrated them through fire. Haven’t you learned by now? Satan cannot defeat a fully equipped, faith filled believer. Since God has determined not to leave you or forsake you, satan’s goal for the battle is to get you to leave God behind because of discouragement. If you believe God and stand strong and allow Him to determine strategy, you will win the victory and the release of power can be so strong that others watching will actually leave their idols behind!

Be strong, man and woman of God! Fainthearted people never see victory. You cannot lose if you don’t quit! After David won the victory, he praised God by saying, “My God is the God of Breakthrough!”

So is yours!!!


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