A New Generation

I don’t know why but I have a tremendous love for and drawing to the young generation. I feel in my spirit that God has great things in store for the young people of our nation and the world.

I saw a news story the other day regarding the “Millennial” generation. The story spoke of the strengths and weaknesses of this generation and the challenges faced as those older than them try to work with them to accomplish common goals. I’m not blind to the weaknesses of my generation or of those of the so called “Millennial” generation but when I look at them, I see something different and sense something powerful – not just a little powerful but VERY powerful is residing in them.

In the church I serve, I see a group of young people who are falling in love with Jesus. Many are falling in love with Jesus because of the influence of their parents but many are falling in love with Jesus in spite of the example of their parents. This love is not revealed through the wearing of bracelets or shirts that carry Christian messages but is displayed in a life that is laid upon the altar – a willingness to do whatever it takes to please God; a desire to go wherever He tells them to go.

So many are going to further biblical and worship training because their desire is to give their lives as a sacrifice for their Savior. There is something different about this group. They are not interested in following Jesus so that He can make them rich or successful. They are willing to go to dark places where riches are a distant dream to lay down their lives for a group of people who cannot pay them for their efforts.

They carry the antidote to the malaise of my generation. I hear God calling them as He did Gideon in the book of Judges – step out of the confusion of your world….step out of the complacency of those around you…..The Lord is with you, mighty warriors!…..You will strike down the enemy with a single blow!

Yes, many of this new generation are lost and wandering in darkness, but don’t be deceived – God will not leave Himself without a witness in these days. The witness I see arising in this new generation is actually the most powerful I’ve seen up to this point in my lifetime.

Encourage them! Don’t discourage them! Their God is large and their love is deep. Don’t try to “bring them back to earth!” We don’t want them motivated by the things of this earth!

Be strong, young lions! Go where Jesus tells you to go! Reap the benefits of those who truly love the Lord! Lay down your lives for Him! This world holds nothing more beautiful for you than your devotion to God!

The disciples who were looking out for themselves once saw a woman pour very costly perfume on the feet of Jesus and they ridiculed her for doing so and called her service “a waste”. But, remember how Jesus described what she did. He said that she has done something beautiful to Me. He said that her sacrifice would be told everywhere the gospel is spoken.

You are writing yourself into history! HIS-story! Be strong and finish with joy and power!


2 thoughts on “A New Generation

  1. Parkey, I am in total agreement with this article and pray that God will continue to pull my children so close to Him that they can feel Him breath..that He would place in them such a love and dependence, much greater than I have ever known..it is a very lonely journey sometimes..especially when the enemy is trying to keep you from all that God has for us through His Son..I pray for this generation, an unshakeable Faith, a foundation of truth, and a spirit of worship and thanksgiving, for the LOVE Jesus gave at the cross.. Please pray for this family’s desire to fulfill all that we have been called to do for His GLORY!!

  2. There is a GREAT POWER in our young people, I will continue to pray for GOD”S will to be established on this earth, and I will bring up my son in the way he should go, praying always in the Spirit, knowing that GOD is in control.

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