Flow In Your Own Grace


We’ve all experienced envy of others and the resulting sting of jealousy. It doesn’t feel good at all! Deep inside-lying below envy and jealousy is a feeling of insecurity about who we are. Those feelings are so painful that we usually lash out at the person who possesses what we don’t, trying to find some type of inferiority in them in an effort to ease the pain of lack we feel.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “green with envy.” Envy and jealousy are a monster lying in wait to steal away our feelings of well-being.

People struggling with envy and jealousy:

1. Do not like those who are doing “well”.

2.Usually befriend those like themselves or those they believe are inferior to themselves.

3. Find it difficult to rejoice in other’s victories.

4. Are usually more interested in building their own kingdom than “The” kingdom.

5. Have difficulty seeing the value in every individual.

To steer clear of envy and jealousy, we must remember that our life does not consist in the abundance of what we possess. We must also remember that comparing our lives to the lives of others is a recipe for unhappiness. Each of us must learn to “Flow in Our Own Grace”. That means that we must realize that God loves us all equally and powerfully in our own individuality and that I have my own pathway to walk, therefore resentment of others is a waste of energy and time.

Stop feeling bad about yourself. Focus on the wonder of God! Make it your aim to enjoy your relationship with Him. Realize that in the kingdom there is a different evaluation process for success than the world uses. Know that there are treasures valued by God along every single pathway! Do not let others define you!

Make this your motto: Flow in your own grace!

By doing this, you will find contentment in all circumstances and you can say goodbye to the green-eyed monster known as envy and jealousy!


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