Signs and Submission

The Kingdom of God is manifest through things that only God can do. Signs, wonders and miracles certainly fit into the category of the supernatural and, therefore can certainly be manifestations of the Kingdom of God. There are other things that manifest the Kingdom as well, things that only God can do – things such as compassion for enemies, forgiveness for offenses, living for eternal purposes and other God-like character expressions. These things are what I like to call “fail safe” manifestations of the Kingdom.

Signs and wonders are awesome but we must be careful that we do not look to them as the certainty of the manifestation  of the Kingdom of God. Signs and wonders can be done by satanic power. There will come a day in which satan will deceive many in the world through lying signs and wonders done by his “servants” such as the false prophet and the Anti-Christ. The “fail safe” sign of the Kingdom of God will be the authority of Christ on the inside of the instrument.

In other words, do you see love for enemies in operation? What about forgiveness for offenses? How about a willingness to decrease so that Christ may increase? What about a willingness to lose everything for the sake of knowing Jesus?

These things are sure signs of the presence of the Kingdom of God. You can be fooled by other things but, if you are focused on the “fail safe” manifestations you will not be fooled.

Today, wherever God has placed you – you can see the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. It begins on the inside-yes, on the inside of you. Once the authority of Jesus is established in your life, then and only then will others truly be able to “see” the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

This is what Jesus preached and taught. It is for this that we live and lay down our lives.

Lord, may your Kingdom come and your will be done!!!


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