Yo, Adrian, I did it!!!

“I the Lord do not change. So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.” Malachi 3:6

We are such creatures of circumstance – so conditioned to allow our situation dictate our response. Have you ever asked someone how they are doing and they respond, “Pretty good, under the circumstances”? It’s true, no one is exempt from life’s pressures. “Circumstances” happen to us all – all the time!!!!

It does no good to live a life of denial. If you are in pain, what good does it do to lie about it? Many believers do just that – you ask them how they are doing and they say they are “just fine” even when they are not. I don’t see that type of “faith” speech exhibited in the Bible. This “I’m okay, you’re okay” type of thing is not reality if you are “not okay”. We don’t have to lie to live in faith.

But, you are not supposed to live “under your circumstances” either!

The truth sets us free. You may remember the “Rocky” movie series — they’ve been showing recently. In one of the movies (Rocky 173, I believe – just kidding!), Rocky is struggling and cannot muster up what it takes to train properly for the challenge ahead. Adrian, his wife asks him what is wrong. He responds less than truthfully by saying, “I just don’t want this anymore”. After some interesting conversation, Adrian responds, “We’ve got everything but the truth, what is the truth?” Finally, Rocky admits his fear and struggle and Adrian presents to him his options and Rocky’s fears are gone and he knows what he should do.

He asks Adrian, “How did you get so tough?” Her response? “I live with a fighter!”

You and I live with a fighter too! He’s never lost a fight even though it appeared He was down for the count. He’s been “under” circumstances as well – under condemnation by the Pharisees, under the weight of the cross, under the shadow of the grave. Walking with Christ doesn’t mean you get a great big “exempt” stamp in the trial section of the book detailing your life’s journey!

We do not win through denial but through our faith in the word of God and the Lamb of God who never changes. Fighters trade punches during a fight but the last one standing is the winner. You can tell me you’re hurt during the fight, that’s real, that doesn’t determine the victor. What determines the victor is: who is standing at the end!

If you believe in Jesus, you will be standing at the end! The tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory! We are all standing and watching you fight. We are cheering for you and encouraging you. When the fight is over and the “champions” belt is handed to you, we will all be cheering and praising God with all our might.

My favorite line in any Rocky movie is found at the end of Rocky II.

Still get chills!

You cannot lose if you do not quit!

“We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.” Psalm 20:5



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