It’s Not Just What, But Why?

“All a man’s ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the Lord.” Proverbs 16:2

I learned something valuable many years ago, that has served me well over time. Here’s what I learned:

It is important to examine what I’m doing but it is just as important to examine why I’m doing it.

The Lord is not only interested in how I respond or what I do in a specific situation, He is also interested in why I am doing what I’m doing. Both are important to Him. Much harm can and has been done by what are considered “good” actions. My “good” actions can be tainted by motives to exalt myself or to slight others. The Lord has taught me over the years that I must allow the light of His truth to test my actions AND my motives. If my actions are “technically” OK, but my motives are wrong, then the action will be tainted by a selfish desire that is focused on something other than the glorification and exaltation of Jesus.

On your own, you will never be able to discern your motives. Why? Because we are experts at self deception and justification. That is why you and I must always lay our actions and motives before the Lord for His inspection.  He is faithful and will reveal what our real motives are in any given situation.

The problem that we face is the willingness to be exposed.

When you are about to do something, allow the Holy Spirit to examine your motives. It is a humbling experience but it is the only pathway to the true glorification of God!


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