Asleep at the Wheel

“Let us go over to the other side.” Mark 4:35

Someone is being told to do something simple, which when done, will release great revelation and power.

What’s on the other side?

Maybe you know and maybe you don’t. Maybe Jesus didn’t elaborate, but is simply saying to you, “Just go, just be faithful!” When the Lord gave the disciples this direction, it led them directly into a storm. The boat they are in is being swamped (sunk). Jesus is with them but, in their estimation, He is doing nothing to help. He is asleep at the wheel!

The disciples had yet to learn that when Jesus is present, you will not sink! His presence in the boat is enough to ensure victory even if He appears inactive.

Did you notice the disciples conclusion to their situation?

“Jesus, you don’t care!”

Jesus wouldn’t be with you if He didn’t care. In the disciples case, He stills the storm and, in essence  says to them,  “Your fear is your greatest enemy! When will your faith exceed your fear?”

What did the disciples receive in the aftermath of the storm? Their response was, “Who is this?”

They received a richer revelation of who Jesus is! A revelation that would be the foundation of future answered prayers!

What is your perspective from your boat of life? If you’re alone in the boat, fear is a rational reaction. But, if Jesus is in the boat with you, even if He appears inactive, you have no reason to fear. You will not sink!

Jesus is taking you somewhere. Yes, maybe the storm has stolen your control, but it has not stolen the goal for which Jesus placed you in the boat in the first place! The waves cannot drown you, but fear can! Don’t allow fear to drown your faith.

Do the simple things God has placed before you. If you do, He will do the impossible. Greater revelation and power awaits those who know this to be true! You will make it to the other side!


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