Compromised living

Samson was a man destined for greatness in God. Before he was born, he was set apart to live as a man consecrated to God. As he lived set apart to God, he would be a deliverer of others; carrying a power that came directly from the Spirit of the Lord.

Early on, Samson was tempted with compromise. He began to hang around in Philistine country. The culture of the Philistines began to influence Samson. It is interesting to note that this was the very culture that Samson was born to break off of his people. He saw a young woman there, a Philistine woman (a forbidden relationship for him) and wanted to yoke himself to her in marriage. An interesting note follows in Judges 14, verse 4: “this was from the Lord who was seeking an occasion to confront the Philistine who were ruling over Israel.”

How could the Lord be a part of such a relationship?

I’ve got a question: why couldn’t Samson just hear the Lord speaking to him about his life and call and obey it? Because Samson wasn’t actively seeking the truth, he fell into a deception. The Lord, who wanted to use Samson to deliver Israel from the ruling influence of Philistia fell under the influence of the Philistines himself.

If we do not choose to follow God willingly, he will allow us to serve other gods and use this occasion to bring us back to Him.

Samson’s association with the Philistines brought him nothing but pain. It was through Samson’s anger, not necessarily his submission that he fought against the Philistines.

Samson had many warnings from the Lord, especially in his interaction with Delilah. She often asked for the secret of his power and would try and take it from Samson. Samson did not heed the warnings due to his compromised attachment and eventually Samson gave up the secret. Samson wanted to use the power of the Lord as he had before, but he had crossed a line and could not.

The story ends better. Samson is a captive to what he was supposed to rule over. In captivity, the secret returned to him and he was able to do greater exploits at the end then at the beginning.

Lord, help us all to hear your voice and respond in submission to what you say. Keep your truth alive in our inner parts so that we will not have something rule us that we were intended to deliver others from.


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