What is a true friend?

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Proverbs 17:17

I just finished spending some time with a dear friend. We meet often and talk about our lives – well, I mostly talk and he listens! As I think of him today, I realize how rich I am to have this man – and a couple of others like him in my life. These guys know me – the good, the bad, and the ugly!! They’ve seen the good (the God) in me and they have seen me faults and weaknesses. It is always a risk to allow people to see who you really are because it provides an opportunity for abuse. God is a relational being and, in His infinite wisdom has ordained for us to be relational as well.

My friend always says, “Someone needs to know your story.” He doesn’t just know my story, he is a part of it! Without such people, we experience the true loneliness and poverty of spirit that God never intended man to know. A true friend will know the true story of your life and will count it a joy to play the role that God has called them to as your friend.

A friend loves at all times….good, bad, inconvenient – and then, when things get really ugly and adversity comes into your life causing a crisis of unusual proportions and you look up and that friend is still there with bandages and oil, you realize that your friend is now your brother and is exhibiting the very characteristics of Christ.

Who in your life is your brother and friend? They are there if you will be bold enough to allow them in – to ask them into the secret place of your heart. The Body of Christ gets a bad rep in some circles but there are people out there who reflect the nature of Jesus to those lucky enough to know them. Thank God for the gift of true friends and brothers/sisters!!


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