A Fresh Wind is Blowing

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed something happening lately.

For about the last month or more, I’ve noticed a fresh wind of the Spirit of God blowing in the church. It’s appearance came  slowly, yet is beginning to manifest itself. I believe that we are in the days of spiritual change. What does that mean?

Things that have been dormant are now beginning to appear. Things that have been promised are coming to pass. I’ve seen it in the corporate setting and in the personal setting as people are beginning to see changes in the natural.

You may be saying, “I’m not seeing these changes yet.”

Remember, spiritual change usually precedes change in the natural. God has been laying a strong and sure foundation in His people’s lives for a few years: Shaking out the things that can be shaken and strengthening the things of the Spirit. Shaking is still happening but we are on the cusp of the transfer of seasons. I’m already seeing the manifestation in the Spirit. So, if you haven’t seen it yet in your personal life, hang on! Keep allowing the shaking work of God to have its effect. God has allowed His people to come to a place in which they are at the end of themselves and at the end of their ideas of how things “should have” worked out. Once this work is finished and we have released our preconceived ideas, God will miraculously reveal Himself in the way we have hoped for all along.

It’s time for a change. Enemy attacks set in to motion to destroy you are going to be “flipped” spiritually to cause you to inherit houses that you did not build and the possession of wells you did not dig.

Forget your opinions and ideas and turn your face to the “wind” of God. God is changing the seasons around you and the manifestation is happening as we speak!


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