Who is He to you?

Who is He to you?

Probably the most important question you will ever answer in your life. If you want the life of Jesus to impact your life in a dramatic way (which it can!) this question needs to be answered in truth.

Is He a God who doesn’t care about you, One who has set you aside for failure, leftovers, and trash? This type of belief will dramatically affect your emotions and by cause and effect-your actions. Are you fearful of Him? Do you question whether or not He really has your best interest at heart?

Maybe you have read promises in the Bible yet believe that somehow, because God doesn’t want them to; they just can’t reach you. How terrible does it feel to be so isolated and alone? How anxious does it make you to think that because the promises don’t reach you, because God doesn’t really care that you are ALL ALONE? In this scenario, you are left with nothing but fear to torment you; mocking you as it continually points out the chasm between how God says He feels or feels about other people and how He feels about you. Fear leaves behind a life of punishment; always tormented and never able to obtain the peace the Bible speaks of.

The questions begs to be answered in truth – How does He really feel about you? A life of peace awaits upon the discovery of the correct answer.



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