That ‘ole Black Magic

Isn’t it funny how we try to play games with God?

One of the most interesting games we play is the one most often known as “false repentance”.

It seems as if we think that God got some type of “brain cramp” and can’t see inside us into what is really going on as we try and hide our real motivations from Him. Pharoah, king of Egypt did it with Moses. When Pharoah’s magicians couldn’t duplicate what God was doing, Pharoah would go through this process of saying, “You’re right, I was wrong. Now, let’s make some kind of deal so that we can both get what we want without me having to release control or change”.

King Saul did it over and over. He went through false repentance when confronted by Samuel. He fell back on that ‘Ole Black Magic” of false repentance when David spared his life—–Twice!!!!

The first message of the gospel was, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Translated: the Kingdom of Heaven is near so turn from reliance on yourself and your ways and allow Jesus to be Lord. There was a saying my pastor used many years ago when I was first born again: “If He’s not Lord of all, He’s not Lord at all!”

I used to choke on that one but I’ve come to understand it’s truth. You can’t and won’t experience Kingdom power unless and until you truly repent. Cases to study: the nation of Israel in the books of Judges, Kings, and Chronicles; Pharoah, king of Egypt in the book of Exodus and Saul, king of Israel in the book of First Samuel.

Pharoah’s magic deceived him. Oh, not necessarily the magic of his magicians but his own magic: he was master of his fate; a god to himself! God’s don’t repent and they certainly don’t relinquish their kingdom to someone else!

If you’re going to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, you must repent of your magic. False repentance must go! False repentance in any package is still a lack of repentance and therefore, rebellion still is active and we know what Samuel said to Saul when Saul said he had carried out the Lord’s instruction when he hadn’t – rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft!

Let’s get rid of that ‘Ole Black Magic once and for all so that we can experience everything God has for us!!!!!!


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