What is your view of Spiritual Warfare?

I love the story of David in the Bible. He is a case study in faith, humility, and trust in God. The way he lived in the interim period after God left Saul and David had been anointed king by Samuel – the period when he knew he would be the next king but before it came to pass, should be studied and embraced by every person who feels called to leadership: secular or ministerial.

David and Saul had another significant difference: they differed in the way that they viewed warfare. You can see this difference throughout their lives but it is very clear in 1 Samuel 17 – the story of David and Goliath.

When Goliath, the champion of the Philistines; the impressive, undefeatable force of the enemy steps forward in the Valley of Elah, we begin to see the difference in how the two men viewed warfare.

Saul determines his ability to succeed in the natural. He looks at his weapons, his power, his stature, his numbers versus what he sees in the enemy and makes a determination as to whether or not he can be successful based on his conclusions.

Why does he evaluate his chances this way?

Not sure. It could come from the fact that he himself was an impressive figure – a head taller than everyone else according to the Scriptures. People who are mega talented in some area often learn to depend upon their abilities rather than the power of God.

Nevertheless, he looks at Goliath; evaluates in the natural and comes to this conclusion – we can’t defeat him!

Now, David possessed none of the natural impressive qualities Saul did. He was ruddy and handsome, but otherwise, not outstanding physically. He lived the life of a shepherd and learned to fight as a shepherd with shepherd weapons – a staff and a sling and some stones. Shepherd weapons are not as impressive as warrior weapons, yet David had learned under the direction of the Great Shepherd to use these weapons impressively and decisively.

Using shepherd weapons versus warrior weapons creates a dependence upon something greater than what we see in the natural. David was always at a disadvantage in every battle he faced, whether against the lion or bear so his confidence was not in his weaponry but in God for the victory.

So, when he stepped forward to face the same Goliath that struck fear in Saul and said fear creating paralysis in him, he didn’t take his queues from the natural but the spiritual. Goliath even tried (as your enemy will also!) to get David to look at the natural disadvantage but David said, “You come against me with natural weaponry, but I come against you with supernatural weaponry!”

What does your enemy look like in the natural? Intimidating, huh?

You better not face him with natural weapons are you will be paralyzed with fear. Take a lesson from David.

Let your mode of operation be like David’s. Before the battle with Goliath, Saul tried to dress  David in natural weaponry even though David told him that was not what he depended on for victory.

David took off the natural weaponry and said, “I’m not used to these. I’m used to depending upon the name of God for victory”.

David killed his giant and so will you if you depend upon the name of the Lord of Hosts for your victory!

Now, go out there and get ’em in the Name of Jesus!


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