Deeper Wells

God is digging deeper wells in me than I’ve ever experienced. I definitely can see the positive side to that and am experiencing the positive effects.

The positive?

My faith is deeping. My focus is narrowing. My love and appreciation for those around me is growing. The cost to get there?

Stripping. Personal vulnerability like I’ve never known. I’m hanging out there; many personal faults long hidden are now operating in open daylight. When faults long hidden appear, our illusions of safety are destroyed. Our beliefs of personal standing are shaken; the image we portrayed as one we wanted everyone to believe is shattered.

The amazing thing about this process is that it is normal for those who are praying, “they kingdom come, thy will be done on earth (in this earthen vessel!) as it is in heaven”. You find out who your friends really are when you go through things like this. Many people can’t handle your personal transitions because it affects them in some negative way so you find yourself alone as your struggle opens doors to their own inadequacy. Thank God for those who understand these are normal things in the Kingdom! My wife being the greatest example of Jesus!

Many of you are going through a personal revelation right now. It doesn’t have to be a great moral failure – most believers are not there in their lives. It can be a definition of who you are – a fear long hidden which has directed your motivations and actions for quite some time.

God’s process of dealing which allows for exposure and complete vulnerability is normal but very scary. Are you scared about the process? You’re not alone. Are you feeling exposed? You’re not alone.

There was a reason Adam and Eve were naked in the garden. Do you want to return to the paradise of the Garden? Then, you must return to the nakedness of the Garden: the sheer vulnerability which produces absolute, complete dependence upon the One for your definition, your provision, your future – Jesus. I’m praying for you that your faith fail not as the process which releases the paradise of the Garden and the glory of God unfolds in your life.


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