A New Year Begins…What Do You See?

The day after Christmas, I sat and listened to Pastor Bob Willhite preach a word that I had heard him speak a long time ago: one of my favorite sermons. As I listened, it was as if fresh revelation was dripping down from heaven. Let me share what I heard.

The message was from Matthew 21:12-16. Jesus enters the temple and begins a transformation that would serve as a model for each succeeding generation seeking to experience God.

First, he casts out the moneychangers and all those doing business in His house. He began the work of purity in His house. Purity is a work of God; one which we must say “yes” to. We are God’s temple and upon His entrance into our temple, He will begin the same work He did when He visited the temple in Matthew 21. Since you said “yes” to Jesus does it seem as if the old way of doing things is being “turned over”? It’s an essential work: say “yes” to it and get out of the way!

Second, Jesus realigns the priorities of His house. He says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer”. He began the work of intimacy in His house. We are bought with a price so we must allow Jesus to define our purpose. Allow Him to turn you into a house of prayer-of intimacy with God.

Third, the blind and lame came and were healed. He began the work of power in His house. Anyone who is allowing God’s purity to reign and who is involved in intimacy with God will see the byproduct of power. If you are saying “yes” to purity and to prayer, get ready: power is coming!!!

Finally, the children break out into spontaneous praise called “perfected” praise. Jesus began to establish His house as a house of praise. Perfected praise is the spontaneous response to the revelation of Jesus. ¬†It says, “We see you Jesus! Reveal yourself even more!!” Once purity, prayer, and power start, praise follows!!!

Now, I don’t know what is going on with you specifically at this time, but Jesus’ method has not changed. You may be facing a crisis of faith, but don’t get upset by the flying chairs and overturned tables as God destroys human understanding and “the need to control”. If you allow Him to be the final authority and draw near rather than run away, you will see power in your life!!!

That’s God’s New Year’s plan for you. If you embrace this, you will soon and very soon become a house of perfected praise!


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