Thanksgiving is here!

Today begins Thanksgiving week. The holidays are upon us!

I don’t like the early exposure to Christmas retailers have thrust upon us because it seems to distract from, what I believe is a very healthy and important focus for us. It is good for us to give thanks. No, listen to me-it is good for us to give thanks! We need to give thanks. It is healthy for us to stop and get perspective on what is happening in life.

Yes, many have had a terrible year. I have been there myself. I remember attending a New Year’s Eve celebration one year-a particularly bad year and I was asked to give my thoughts on the passing of the current year. My response?

“As I reflect on this year, all I can say is I’m glad its gone!”

I hear a few “amens” coming from the readers!

But, no matter what has happened to me this year, it is good and healthy for me to get my focus off of myself for a few minutes and realize that there is much to be grateful for apart from my current circumstances. An inordinate focus upon self brings sadness.

These are “holidays”. The word literally means “holy days”. These days are not about me, they are about Jesus, so that is where my focus best lies. Tough times will come and they will go…is there anything to be thankful for that remains constant?

I love Thanksgiving! Not because of the food and family but because it gives me pause to focus on that which makes life really worth living.

Dear God, for you and your Son, I give thanks!


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