Bowshot People – Part One

Sometimes, God will do something that doesn’t make sense – something that might even appear cruel. Such an event happened in the life of Hagar, Abraham’s maidservant turned lover. You can find the story in Genesis chapter 21.

Here’s a quick summary:

Abraham and Sarah seek to have a child. Sarah is barren, so they cannot. Sarah suggests that Abraham sleep with the servant girl, Hagar and Sarah will raise the child as her own. Abraham agrees (typical man!). Doesn’t work out like they think (typical when we try and bring forth God’s plan divorced from the supernatural). Sarah miraculously has a son, Isaac. Ishmael, Hagar’s son is found mocking Isaac. Sarah responds, “Send her and her son away from here!”

It is at this point we expect God to bring some sanity into the fray. “Oh, come on, it’s not the kids fault! You’re the one who suggested this! Let the kid stay for Pete’s sake! Have a little pity!”

Funny, God didn’t respond that way.

God tells Abraham, “Do not be so distressed about the boy and your maidservant. Listen to whatever Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring will come.” So, the boy and his mother are sent packing into the desert.

How could a loving God be so cruel?

He’s not, but He’s also not obligated to pet and coddle our mistakes. And, because of this, we hear those terrifying words, “Send it away”. Many are not willing to part ways with the products of their mistakes. They choose to make some type of peace treaty with things with which they cannot coexist. Sending it away seems cruel, but keeping it around destroys the purity of God’s plan.

If God tells you to send it away, place it in your bow, like an arrow; pull back the string and release it and allow it to land where it may. Don’t try to control where it falls. Let God do that. If it lands in a desert, trust God to take care of that end of things. Pity is a virtue unless it keeps poison in your system. Then, it becomes stupidity.

That’s it, put it in your bow, pull back the string as hard as you can. Now, let it fly! If it heads toward the desert, don’t dismay. Your job is to shoot, not determine destination. Now, you are finally ready for your Isaac to take his place!


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