All We are Saying Is – Give Peace a Chance

The dream of peace lies within almost every human heart. Even those who aspire to some type of revolution often see revolution as a pathway to ultimate peace. In the U.S., most of us see peace as a product of circumstances. When everything is in order as we envision it should be – peace will be the byproduct.

With thinking like this, could we actually be refusing peace’s call to us?

We’ve been at this process of seeking peace for thousands of years and we haven’t achieved it yet.

Why not?

Could it be that peace is actually a product of something other than “perfect” circumstances? If you’re going to wait for perfect circumstances to experience peace, you will never achieve it. I believe proper focus has a lot to do with peace. I know that what you focus on has a great effect upon your state of mind. You can’t focus on just anything and achieve peace. Many try and achieve peace through meditation; i.e., envisioning themselves in a place of peace such as a beach or in nothingness where their stresses disappear. Others may imagine themselves as a flowering plant in the sunshine with no worries, in hopes of receiving the attending peace that goes along with that situation.

The problem lies in the fact that these imaginary options do not stand up under reality. Life reminds me constantly that I’m not a flower. When I’m running around in downtown, life clarifies that I’m not at the beach and certainly not floating around in nothingness. My problems are real and cannot be solved through imaginary alternatives.

The Bible says in Isaiah 26:3 – “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You”.

Jesus said that He leaves His peace with us – a real person with demonstrated divine power, with the ability to transfer peace to those who need it.

Do you need peace today?

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock”. Peace is knocking. Why don’t you answer?


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