A million miles….

A million mile journey begins like any other: with the first step.

It is so easy to look at where you are and then look to where you need to go and get discouraged by the vast distance between the two. Many folks quit at this point because they determine that there is too much to be done to bridge the gap- too many steps, too much energy required- too much equals hopeless. The joy of a new beginning gets lost in the vastness of the journey; like the person on their first day of college who can’t get excited about the new adventure because four years to the goal and all that is required in between is overwhelming.

I’ve been working with a lot of people lately whose journey to redemption seems a long one. They are beginning “behind the eight ball” – lot’s of problems and challenges, most of which will not be solved overnight. Even dedication to change does not alter the fact that a long road to “the finish”  lies ahead.

I woke up early this morning with the Lord speaking the words highlighted above ringing in my spirit. Someone out there is starting fresh, yet “behind the eight ball” with lots of baggage to deal with. The road ahead is long and a lot of work will be required to complete what is ahead. So, you are weighing the cost and contemplating giving up.

In the days of Nehemiah, God set before the children of Israel the task of rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. The task would require lots of work: cleaning away the trash from former destruction, coordination, altering of schedules and priorities, trusting other people , etc.  It was a daunting task; one in which you could easily talk yourself out of doing by simply looking at the work required and the time it would take.

Yet, the children of Israel began the task and it was complete in 52 days – an architectural miracle if you consider the tools they worked with! Someone had to believe in the honor of their task and make the decision to bend over and pick up the first load of trash. The journey, although daunting began like any other with a first step.

You may have a large task ahead of you, with lots of garbage that needs to be cleared before you can even begin building. Don’t allow the “work” needed to fix things talk you out of the honor of the task. Take a lesson from the children of Israel – work is required to complete any honorable task but God will show up and work right along side you and you will soon find that not only is the task complete, but it was done in record time!


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