A Table in the Wilderness

“They spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?” Psalm 78:19

“Is the Lord’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” Numbers 11:23

I woke up at 6am this morning with a voice speaking in my spirit. I heard and felt that unmistakable call of God to come to Him; that He had something to say. When I got seated and began to listen, I heard the Lord say this to me, “You have been asking me if I can spread a table in the wilderness. I have been asked that before. I have opened two doors before you, one spiritual, the other financial.”

Then, I heard no more. I am left with nothing but a word from God and many tears.

Years ago, when God spoke to me to come to Fort Worth, He said this to me, “I am sending you to an outpost in the Spirit”. I saw in my spirit what looked like that little fort that Kevin Costner was sent to in the movie, “Dances with Wolves”. I didn’t understand this at all because Fort Worth is in Texas, the buckle of the Bible belt. There is a church on every corner. How can this be considered an outpost in the Spirit?

A few years of labor later, I understand.

The area I minister in is not an established spiritual post but one way out in the midst of enemy territory. People know of God but have little desire to serve Him daily. And even more frightening, many of those who are followers of Christ (notice I said followers and not disciples; there is a difference) are not following established principles of the Word of God. We are inflicted with the disease a lady I know calls “King”s X”.

“King’s X” can be described this way: I know the word of God (at least nominally). I follow God (according to a profession of faith). But, I reserve the right to disagree with established Biblical principles and when I disagree I have a deal worked out with God. If the principles are inconvenient or uncomfortable, I don’t have to follow them. I don’t care what the Word says, I have a direct line to God and am able to exercise veto power through that connection. And, best of all, God is fine with that.

This is destroying us. And remember, King’s X is something exercised by believers!

Jesus’ disciples told Him before Gethsemane that they were strong spiritually and ready to make whatever sacrifices were necessary for true revival. Before the rooster crowed that same night, the illusion they were under was blown to bits. Are we ready or are we deceived?

If you don’t put prayer first, you aren’t prepared. If you can’t set Sunday aside to worship, how can you expect to wade through the coming resistance and demonic distractions? If you can’t give now, will you be able to later?  These are indicators; not necessarily of our salvation but certainly of our strength.

Jesus said to me this morning, when I felt all work was in vain: “I am spreading a table in the wilderness and now you will see whether or not what I say will come true.”

There is still hope.


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