Anything but Facebook!!

I am new to the social network scene, but I am becoming a fan. I “tweet” and blog and enjoy that very much. But, please don’t ask me to do Facebook!

Facebook has this “God like” quality. It allows way too much information to be dispensed by the user. I do believe that I love you and I do pray for you but I just don’t have the capacity to follow you at that level. I have my hands full with the responsibility for my own life, trying to live a life that is pleasing to God. Knowing what is happening in every moment of your day puts me into overload.

I’m stuck in traffic. I was overcharged by a rude worker in a retail store today. I’m eating at Joe’s right now. I’m going to the concert tonight with my family. I’m watching Alabama and Tennessee on TV. My coffee’s cold. I’m going to the restroom now. I just threw up!

I’m sure thankful that God keeps up with all that stuff, because I don’t have the capacity!

Another reason I don’t like Facebook is it has this biographical quality to it. That in and of itself is not so bad. But, it is manipulated– like how the rich and famous of old used to do when they hired biographers to write the story of their lives. These biographers were warned not to write the very true, yet ugly parts of the story. Ignore those and focus only on what we approve.

It becomes like a sitcom: “Tune in tomorrow…..” My byline would say something like this: “Tune in tomorrow as we continue with the highly ordinary life of Parkey Cobern!! Join us as he goes to the bathroom and later, eats an exciting lunch that includes a piece of cheesecake! Join him as he struggles through a boring segement of traffic on I-35! Be thrilled as he sits in the nosebleed section at a concert of an over-the-hill band! Experience his pain as a rude person at Conn’s is not responsive to his needs, but exalt with him in triumph as he puts that worker in his place by reporting the behavior to his boss!”

Well, you get my drift.

I like “tweeting” and blogging because they line up more with who I am. My blog tells you what I believe. My tweets break these thoughts down into manageable sections for you. You gotta love tweeting!! It makes me be concise and to the point! I recently went to a seminar that told the difference between a bad blog and a good one; a bad tweet and a good one.

Wanna know the difference? A good blog, like a good tweet doesn’t focus on the details of my life.

I like that because, unlike Facebook, that keeps the focus off of me and on something infinitely more important.

My blog is about Jesus and how He works in daily life. I usually tweet about the same thing. If you agree, okay. If you don’t, the blog gives us a format to discuss it. While we are talking, I promise-I won’t tell you about my bathroom trips if you won’t tell me about yours!!!!


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