Calling all Control Freaks

My mother sits with an elderly lady during the day while her family works. One of the activities that they do together is put together puzzles; piece by piece. My mother will sometimes tell me about their times together and their puzzle experiences. I’m reminded today of what she shared with me about how they endeavor to meet the puzzle challenge.

The lady my mother sits with is always happy to have my mother help in the puzzle process. She is excited about the prospect  of assistance, especially since my mother’s help will expedite the completion of the puzzle. But, there are a couple of rules the lady has that my mother must adhere to:

1. Don’t touch her pieces.
2. Don’t rearrange anything that she has already done.

As my mother sits and looks at the work in progress, she can clearly see that there are pieces out of place and, if you’ve ever been involved in puzzle completion you know that every piece has its proper place; pieces do not have alternate placements. There is no plan “B”.

Nevertheless, the rules stand: My mother cannot rearrange pieces so the puzzle game moves forward with two things certain: The process will fail and the puzzle will end up looking nothing like the creator’s design.

Our life is a puzzle with a definite design. We start off excited about the challenge. We’re open to help if it will speed the process yet we believe we must maintain control over what is done. Our ultimate trust is in our ability to put the puzzle together. The similarities between the puzzle of life and a puzzle in a box are the grand design and the indisputable placement of each piece but the similarity ends there. The Bible shows us the beauty of the completed design but we can’t see how all the pieces fit together strategically to complete the grand design.

You are going to need help. Ask any puzzle expert; without the knowledge of where the pieces fit and how they make up the grand design, you have no hope to get the puzzle together right. 

Only Jesus knows how the pieces fit together in the final analysis.

How’s the puzzle of your life going?


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