The Anointing Press

I once heard Larry Lea say, “Jesus went from one place of prayer to another and in between, He did signs and wonders and miracles.”
Hard to argue when you observe Jesus’ life. We want to go from one meeting of signs and wonders to another without stopping in between at the place of prayer. Because of such an attitude, most of our seasons of miracles are short lived or downright fraudulent.

At the time when the greatest transfer of anointing in the history of the world was about to take place, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane. It is interesting to note that the word, “Gethsemane” means “olive press” or as I read in one translation of the Greek, it can mean “anointing press”.

So, Jesus went to the anointing press to facilitate the greatest release of anointing known to man. Once there, Jesus told His disciples to be vigilant and awake. After a time of crushing at the press, Jesus returned to find His disciples sleeping. Remember, these are the same disciples who hours earlier swore to themselves and to their Lord that they were ready to face the ultimate spiritual challenge.

Here’s Jesus response in Parkey’s translation: “Do you not understand the significance of the hour and it’s demands? Do you not understand the price it will take to achieve the level of spiritual power you have declared you already have and desire to maintain? The spirit is willing but the flesh lies to the spirit telling it that it is stronger than it is and can achieve power without sacrifice. Spend significant time at the anointing press or you will fall into less than what God has for you.”

Are we spending enough time at the anointing press to facilitate the move of the Spirit or we will continue to get glimpses of the Spirit while most of our religious works are fleshly driven?

Watch and pray!!!


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