Sept. 11

This weekend was the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City. Watching the documentary on the  History Channel was chilling. I think it should have been required viewing for every American. The feelings I felt on Sept. 11 came rushing back to me as I watched the program. 911 operators praying with people about to lose their lives. Firemen in the World Trade Center talking to their colleagues one minute and then dead silence after the building falls. People jumping from over 100 stories up…..

I just can’t describe it accurately.

Something like Sept. 11 can never be forgotten by a nation. I’m not concerned that we will forget. Our memory is not our problem. We just don’t like to be bothered. We don’t want to wake up from the dream.

What dream am I speaking of? The dream that everything is okay; that we can continue sleepwalking through life and not have to be accountable for our actions or take stock of how we have lived. I don’t say this out of spite but out of love. I’m concerned about us; about you and me – about this nation. The new value in our society is to achieve a state in which we are not bothered – everything runs along just as it has, as it should!

Magical thinking has become our new drug of choice. We think in terms of should’s and should nots. Life shouldn’t be this way or it should be this way!!!! How deceived! How arrogant!! There are real enemies to your happiness out there who will not stop just because you hit them real hard for a short season of time. I remember how people were right after Sept. 11. What happened to our vigilance? Our zeal?

I’m more afraid of the enemy that fight us every day; deceiving us into drinking the “koolaid” of leave me alone so I can do whatever…..more than I am enemies of another country. Life is not found in “leave me alone so I can do whatever”, life is found in sacrifice for a noble cause – one greater than ourselves.

When we realize this, we will be truly happy and we will wake up from the dream that is really a nightmare.
May God bless us with the wisdom to do what is right and the will to choose it!


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