Dark Clouds

“Well, there’s floodin’ down in Texas, Well, dark clouds are rollin’ in.” – Stevie Ray Vaughn

Yes, it is raining today in Texas. The sky is covered with dark clouds. For us here in the Lone Star State, this is a welcome break from hot temperatures. But, there are a lot of people who feel as if a dark or black cloud follows them around wherever they go. In other words, whatever the weather, it is overcast in their personal life. A group called Trapeze once wrote a song called, Black Cloud and they said that “its following me”. For those who feel that way, I want to send you a word of encouragment.

Psalm 81:7 states this: “In your distress you called and I rescued you, I answered you out of a thundercloud”.

Distress makes us feel as if dark clouds are rollin’ into our lives. Life is composed of seasons, just like nature has its seasons. No one is exempt from seasons of distress. But, just as no one is exempt from the season of distress, likewise, no one is confined to stormy weather as their destiny. The sun is not absent in stormy weather, it is there just obscured by the obvious circumstances. Have you ever flown in bad weather? You take off in a storm and go through the clouds and above them, you find a different environment; one as real as the one you left.

Need a change in the weather in your personal life? There are two realities in your life, just as there are two in the air above you: dark clouds near and above them, sunshine and clear skies. Dark clouds are meant to come and go but the sun, well, that  is meant to endure.

Call out to the Lord today. He is near and, just as the psalmist said, He will answer you out of the thundercloud that is in your life!

If you’ve felt the lightning of distress crashing across the landscape of your life just remember: there is no lightning without thunder! The thunder of deliverance is just a call away!

The voice of the LORD rolls over the water. The God of glory thunders. The LORD shouts over raging water. Psalm 29:3 GWT


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