Losing focus

Losing focus: it is so easy to do. Life’s drone of activity and competing priorities has a way of getting your eyes off of what is important. As I read a devotional this morning, I was reminded of the importance of maintaining focus in life. Losing focus causes us to spend a lot of energy doing “things” and later, wondering “what was it all about?”

Let me throw in a biblical term here: holiness. What do you think of when you read that word?

No, I’m not necessarily speaking of a way you dress or look. Holiness literally means, “to be set apart for a sacred purpose”. Holiness has more to do with focus and purpose then it does with fashion. The answer to losing focus is holiness. You can mow your grass in a dress with your hair in a bun and still lose focus.

You have a lot to do today, but before you go running off to do “things” ask yourself this question: Bottom line-what has God put before me to do? What am I to reflect in my interactions today? What is the most important aspect of my life?

Many hate those questions, but asking them will keep you from wasting time and effort. Losing focus is discouraging. Knowing why you live, why your life is important clarifies all that goes on in life.

The Bible gives us the admonition: Be Holy. This is not a call to frustration but contentment. Life is going to throw a lot at you today. If you know why you live and what is important, you will not lose focus. Don’t allow today to be a day which gets filed under the category, “unremarkable” when it is done. Little things are very important when done in the will of God. Giving someone a cup of cold water can have eternal impact if done under the guidance of holiness.

Keep your cosmetics just don’t lose your focus. We’ll all be glad you did!


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