When the Power Goes Out

Sunday was an interesting day. I was preaching and right when I said, “If you choose comfort over obedience you will live to regret it”, all power in the church building failed! There I was, standing in the dark, a room full  of people waiting to see what was going to happen! Power failures!! — one thing I won’t miss when we get to heaven!

When you are faced with a power failure what do you do? The temptation is always strong to quit or alter strategy. Let me share something with you that I have learned over the years: if you are moving in the Spirit, you can expect some weird things to happen!

Your enemy is not going to stand by and just allow God’s will to come to pass: he will fight at the level he can. These battles try our patience and I believe God allows them to keep our faith in God’s power rather than our own.

The apostle Paul begged the Lord three times to take away the thorn in the flesh he was battling with. God’s answer? My strength is made perfect in your weakness. We are not doing the work anyway, so when power failures come they give us an opportunity to see that what we are  involved in is the Lord’s work and the results come from Him!! So, instead of being bothered by his thorn, Paul thanked God for the opportunity to witness God’s power working through a vessel made of clay with all its imperfections.

What did I do Sunday? Just kept on doing what I’m called to do. I had no comfort to put my faith in: no air conditioning, no sound system to magnify my voice, etc. I had no lights to view my notes. I simply said, “Lord, this never was me doing this anyway, so be magnified today!”

Weird things are often a sign you are doing something right. So, when failures happen, and they will, remind yourself: It was never me doing this anyway. Thank God for them, because they keep you from being deceived that you are the one doing the work.

How long has it been since you shouted? I had to shout Sunday to be heard!

Forget your limitations and shout the words of God! It is at this point you see the miracles that you have been craving.


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