Imagine there’s no heaven; it’s easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky.– John Lennon

Man’s answer to complex problems: use your imagination to free yourself from reality. Have you seen the bumper sticker, popular a few years back that said, “Visualize world peace”. My favorite spoof on that one was the bumper sticker which said, “Visualize whirled peas”. This was easier to visualize because there was a tool to make it happen!

Why would someone spoof something that was intended to be a solution to a complex problem? Because, most people understand that you have to have a tool or a bridge to take you from a problem to what is visualized. God isn’t against visualization: He gives us glimpses into a world of peace and tranquility. But, He doesn’t fill us with false hopes or point us toward a solution that actually creates more problems.

Remember the young man who sang the lyrics to the song that I quoted earlier?

He was shot by a fan of his. If the answer, like the song says is to remove all restraints, then what makes it wrong for a fan to gun down a young musician in New York City? No restraints means anything goes. Are we prepared to live with the consequences? Are we prepared to live with the hypocrisy of touting “no restraints” while enforcing laws?

Jesus gives a vision of a world without pain and heartache. A world without restraints. He gives us a vision of a world motivated by love. But, to realize the vision, the very enemy that causes the need for restraints must be destroyed. What is that enemy?


A world without restraints to most people means a world in which I can do anything I want. Sounds like the world that the young musician spoke of. Sounds like the credo that the assassin of the young man believed when he gunned the young musician down.

To realize the vision, the enemy must be taken out of the way. Thank God, Jesus destroyed the rule of selfishness.

With selfishness destroyed, what can you imagine? Lord, let it be.


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