The Bones are Rattling……

It’s Sunday evening, the sun is going down and I’m reflecting. Today, God did some great things! One of the greatest joys I have is to watch Him work! Being involved is fun, but I’m not stupid, I know who is doing the work! Today did nothing but solidify what I already felt: God is moving in a new and fresh way! His intention in this day and hour will not be stopped.

The message today was about the dry bones of Ezekiel. The thing that really stuck out at me was that, when God spoke to the dry and dead bones, a sound was heard; a rattling sound as bone came together with bone. There is a rattling sound taking place right now; I hear it loud and clear. It is occurring in Capstone, where I serve. I see people coming whose lives were by all intents and purposes dead. They were nothing more than dry bones. You don’t have to be down and out to be dead and dry: some of the most affluent people find their names in the “Honorable Mention” column of the Obituaries every week. But, I see God speaking to the bones of these people. I hear a rattling sound as God is putting them back together. I see them standing on their feet and life coming back into them. A gathering is happening, and it is all happening very quietly; still unnoticed by most.

Take this as prophetic if you want, but soon they will be a great army which will not be able to be ignored and they will be used strategically by God to do some mighty things.

It all begins with a call: God speaking to individual hearts; stirring them to believe when they think they can’t anymore. I get a view that many don’t: I’m right in the middle of a pit where dead and dying people gather and I see what is happening to them.

I hear the sound and soon, everyone will.


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