Time is on My Side

The older you get the faster time seems to go. When I was young, a year seemed like an eternity. Now that I’m older (watch it!), years seem to roll by like hours. I remember a song from my youth that said something about time being on my side. But, when you’re watching a time bandit quickly steal away the years you have left with your children and grandchildren; your wife and family; your hopes and dreams– you actually feel that time is not on your side but working against you.

Many people live with regret over things not done or relationships that are broken. If this rings true for you, time is cruel as it steals opportunity right out from under your nose: opportunity to make up and get things right.

The Bible tells us to redeem the time because the days are evil. In other words, take advantage of the opportunity that you have because time will also lie to you telling you there is plenty of time to do what is right. Everyday it says the same thing: “you have time” and then one day you hear the buzzer sound saying, “time’s up” and you are angry that you believed the lie that evil days spoke in your ear

What do you have that needs to be done?

Is there a relationship that needs to be fixed? A dream that needs to be birthed?

Don’t leave the glory that God intended for you to possess in the field after you’re gone when it was yours to harvest. Don’t believe the lie of the evil day which tells you to be complacent.

Make time your ally by choosing to act upon what you know is right. Then, the words of that song become true: time is on your side!!!!!


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