Is God an egomaniac?

When we read scriptures like this one: “I am the Lord, that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another; Nor My praise to idols” (Isaiah 42:8) it is easy to wonder: why all this emphasis on getting the glory? Is God so insecure that He needs to believe He is the big cheese, the bully who needs everyone to look up to Him because of some hidden weakness?

Part of the reason we misunderstand God’s glory comes from the fact that we don’t understand what glory is. To us, who gets the glory is all about who is getting the credit and the props that go along with it. The biblical definition of glory is “the manifestation of who God is”. The Bible often called it “shekinah” defined as the tangible presence of God. Glory is what happens when God is revealed. When God is revealed for who He really is, then what naturally follows is praise.

The human struggle for glory finds its roots in our need to be praised and therefore accepted and validated. God is revealed for who He is, like it or not, but when you truly see that revelation, it is glorious in nature and results naturally in praise. God’s glory cannot be shared because there is no one else like Him. If I take glory that is rightfully His, I am saying that I am like Him and can do what He does. If I put myself forward as God, I will be exsposed for who I am: an imposter and a liar. That is what brought about the downfall of satan.

Praise does not create glory; it is a response to what already exists.

Can you see God for who He really is? If you see Him in me or anyone else, be sure to direct your response (praise) to the originator of the glory!


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