What makes someone great? Is it some type of innate talent within the individual which gives them the ability to eat 68 hot dogs in 12 minutes or deliver an Academy award performance? Is it the ability to be noticed, to stand out above the crowd? People stand out from the crowd for all types of reasons (not all good) and I’ve seen acting worthy of an Academy award coming from people who will never receive a dime for their performance.

I’ve also seen people with great talent fall on their faces. It appears to me that the catalyst that propels people to greatness is not the presence of talent but the possession of unshakeable faith. It is what you believe that decides whether you experience  fulfillment or regret, because what you believe will determine your actions and reactions to what life presents you.

What is greatness? If it is the ability to be known by a lot of people then there is very little room for it in the world. The world has room for as much greatness as it has people. Are you a “people”? You have the ability to achieve greatness.

As I sit here, I think of truly great people I’ve known. My stepgrandfather who treated me like I was his blood child. My mentor who saw the worst in me but pushed it aside to find the best. My wife who hears what I whisper in her ear and still believes I am a man of God.

Circumstances and noteriety did not make these great but what they believed. What do you believe about yourself, the world, your future? Do you think that the fact that you are alive makes any difference?

I do. 


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