In the Beginning….

I am an ordinary man. No, that is not false humility talking but careful and educated observation. I have no special talents and abilities that I know of and if I’m not aware of them, they are not doing me any good. All of us “ordinary” people view life from a unique perspective:  the ground floor. We are not too far removed from the basement to be able to see what life is like below us. We are not so far from the top that we cannot see what life is like at that level and if we get too far removed from life at the top, those at that level are always willing to give us a glimpse so we can see what we are missing.

I am not learning what I see from the seclusion of a monastery or from an ivory tower but from right smack in the middle of the pack. I don’t live in envy of the top or live in fear of the bottom because I know that people like us dwell in both places and the elevator that runs between us is constantly carrying folks from one floor to another.

I am here to converse with you…with those in whom a passion for something great still resonates, something beyond what they have known yet desire to experience. If life has not completely destroyed your hope or if your hanging on by a thread, let’s talk. If you yearn for something deeper, let’s change into something suitable for swimming and dive into the depths. If you’re afraid to believe, its understandable, just remember one thing: If all is lost, why are you still reading this? Continue the search and we’ll talk more later…..


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