Holy Days

We are officially entering theĀ  holiday season. It is a great time of year for many. For some, it is a painful time due to circumstances, loneliness, or loss. I want to share something with you that I learned a long time ago. Hopefully, this will help you if you struggle during the holiday season. […]

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One More Time!

Some of you out there today started off strong in the Lord. You had a calling. You had vision. You were gifted. You were fruitful. But, somewhere along the way, you lost the cutting edge you once had – the enemy crept in or you may have let him in and soon, you found yourself […]

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The Slow Erosion of Prosperity

Today, I want to address one final “pothole” in the road of life. I’ve been using Psalm 106 to reveal several issues that ended up causing damage to the spiritual life of the nation of Israel. Times may have changed but the issues I have addressed still cause damage to a believer if not handled […]

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Becoming Like the Culture

I’ve been writing about things that can cause problems for believers – things that will cause the anointing of God to lift and the discipline of God to come. I’m calling these problems “potholes”. You know what a “pothole” is? An erosion in the pathway you are on that will cause damage if not repaired. […]

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Sexual Compromise

Lately, we’ve been taking a look at some things that are “potholes” for believers. Ever driven down a road with a lot of potholes? Doing so can cause damage to your vehicle as well as making your trip very bumpy. A “pothole” on the road of life is: An erosion in the pathway you are […]

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Lack of Faith for the Impossible

I’ve been writing about what I’m calling “potholes” for God’s people. A pothole is an erosion in the pathway that causes damage if not repaired. As God’s people, “potholes” can develop in life’s pathway which can cause us damage if we do not focus on repairing them. I’ve used Psalm 106 as my foundation for […]

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Changing the Unchangeable God

The last couple of blogs, I’ve written about “potholes” for God’s people. Let me explain. No, let me sum up! The verses I’m using as the foundation for these writings are found in Psalm 106. In this Psalm, a short history of the children of Israel is given. There are several “potholes” listed in the […]

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